“Be Alive in Peterborough” Community Mural Project


Seeking Peterborough Volunteers to create a community mural artwork

The purpose of constructing this mural is to show the public that Peterborough is a vibrant “community” and it’s in its diverse members that the city is ALIVE.

What You Will Be Painting
The mural will show a “honeycomb” with bees and bugs throughout. The volunteers will have the opportunity to paint a simple symbol, picture showing “life”, such as plants or animals and other interests depicting the vibrancy within our community. Mural leaders will be onsite assisting and helping the volunteers be successful with their painting creations. Each volunteer will take creative ownership of 1 circle of approximately 50cm diameter within a hexagon cell, approx 2 hours to commitment to complete.

A variety of images will be provided for volunteers to use for inspiration but please feel free to bring your own sketch (colouring book outline). Your sketch will be approved by the mural leaders before getting the go ahead to paint! Remember to make designs easily visible from a distance and not highly detailed.

Painting Dates & Volunteer Participation
The Mural painting process will be from May to end June 2017. Volunteers will sign up online to schedule their timeslot. Note: Children 12 and under must attend with a guardian.  Students 13 to 18 must submit signed guardian permission to participate and travel to and from site independently.  (See details in link for signup below) All community members are welcome to participate!
* School groups or clubs, please contact coordinators to set up group timeslot.

Book your time slot here http://bit.ly/muralptbo_signup

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The project will be completed in time for Canada’s 150 celebrations.

Who is Involved
St James United Church, New Canadians Centre, the Art School of Peterborough, and many other community members of Peterborough.

Additional Consideration for Children
We highly encourage children of all ages to attend, although younger children need to be accompanied by their parents.

For any additional questions, please contact:
Audrey Bain Cell: 705 868 2396 / Email: audreybain1225@gmail.com
Ariel Massett Cell: 416 562 7240 / Email: arielmassett@hotmail.com