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The NCC Monthly Newsletter contains information about our programs and events, and other important information about what is taking place at the NCC.

April 2018 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)

March 2018 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)

February 2018 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)

January 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)

November 2017 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)

October 2017 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)

September 2017 Newsletter (highlights in Arabic)


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From time to time, we share community events and programs which our clients may find informative or useful.

We do not have a lot of wall space for posters on the bulletin board outside our office. To help us publicise your event, please send us (in order of preference) either:

  • The link to a website or Facebook page for your event information OR
  • Image file of your event poster (jpeg or png) OR
  • Pdf/Word file of your event poster

Please make sure that your contact information and all event details are noted in your poster or website. Please send your emails to info@nccpeterborough.ca by the 10th of the month. The newsletter will be sent via email to our mailing list by the third Friday every month.