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Resources for Sponsorship Groups

Resources for Sponsorship Groups


Are you interested in sponsoring a refugee family? Any community group or group of five individuals can sponsor a refugee family. To sponsor a family, you need a desire to help and a one-year commitment to take care of all the family’s financial and other needs. Here is an information package about private sponsorship created by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough. For more information on sponsoring refugees, please contact our Settlement Services Coordinator.

Here is a list of groups that are sponsoring families. This list does not contain information on all sponsorship groups with which the New Canadians Centre is working. Some groups are in the early stages of planning and are not sure they will go forward; other groups have sufficient resources and do not wish to be known publicly. Groups listed can be contacted regarding financial contributions, donations of items, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Resources for Sponsorship Groups

Working with the New Canadians Centre, individuals from several sponsorship groups have created a new resource website that contains information and resources for sponsorship groups, lists of community events and activities, and lists of community initiatives. Please visit the website at www.tinyurl.com/refugeenetwork

Information, Readings and Webinars


Clarification – Transportation Allowance for Refugees

Refugees (GARs, BVORs or PSRs) are expected to receive a transportation allowance as part of their RAP Income Support or from their private sponsor.  Therefore, Service Provider Organisations should not be providing this type of support (bus tickets) to attend LINC classes.

Housing Support from CCRC

“We are able to assist PSRs financially as long as they meet the fund criteria outlined below:

  • We pay directly to the landlord or service provider
  • The lease or utility account is in the client’s name
  • The client is not in receipt of social assistance
  • Their income is below the limit
  • We have documentation of their arrears or need for last month’s rent
  • They are outside of their one-year sponsorship term

What this means is that we need to complete applications for them AFTER they have received their final income payment from their support group, AFTER they have applied for and been accepted for OW and BEFORE they have received any payment from OW.  It’s a small window of eligibility and can be tricky to work out, but with enough advance notice we can work it out.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Last month’s rent
  • Rent arrears
  • Hydro or gas arrears
  • Moving costs up to $200 (paid directly to the family)
  • Purchase of beds up to $200 per household member (paid directly to the family)
  • Maximum total allocation per family is $2000 per year

For families who will be going on OW after their private sponsorship ends, OW will also be able to assist with many of the costs above, but their limit is $1300 per family. Families cannot access the funds through both OW and HRC,  so it is probably in their best interest for us to try to complete the applications here whenever possible, to maximize the funding available to them.

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