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The Living Library Project

Sharing human stories of immigration and integration.

The Living Library features newcomers with unique and compelling stories of transition, settlement, and belonging. Organizations and individuals can book a featured newcomer to share their story at a gathering, staff event, or classroom to learn more about the newcomer experience and different cultures.

The Living Library introduces new speakers and stories every four-five months.

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Booking a speaker is free, however, donations to support the work of the New Canadians Centre is welcome.

The program is offered within the City and County of Peterborough. Depending on location, organisations may be asked to cover the cost of transportation.

For more information, and to book a speaker, please contact Bhisham: bhisham@nccpeterborough.ca

Please Note: We have put in-person speaking engagements on hold for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however welcome opportunities for Virtual Speaking Engagements.

Current Speakers & Stories

Esther Izarnotegui

"Peterborough Is A Drop of Heaven" - Language, Family, and Mental Health

Themes: Latin America; Motherhood; Community; Language; Mental Health
Story Available in: English; Spanish

Jasim Ammanatt

Connecting Across Culture & Language: How Giving Back Gave Me New Perspectives

Themes: Post-Secondary Education; International Education; Language & Communication; Volunteerism
Story Available in: English; Malayalam; Tamil; Arabic

Olena Oliinyk

The Bid for Language and Connection: Embracing Opportunities and Challenges

Themes: Language; Community; Employment; Eastern Europe
Story Available in: English; Ukrainian

The Living Library Radio-Podcast Series

In September 2020, we launched Season 1 of the Living Library Radio-Podcast Project in partnership with Trent Radio.

This series tells the stories of newcomers living, working, and building their lives in Peterborough, Ontario. These are their stories of home, belonging, loss, hope, community, and more.

This radio-podcast series is produced by the New Canadians Centre in partnership with Trent Radio, and hosted by Jill Staveley of Trent Radio.

New Episodes released each Wednesday at 4pm.

Listen to Season 1 episodes.