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The Living Library Podcast

The Living Library Project is a multi-modal storytelling program of the New Canadians Centre which aims to share human stories of immigration and integration by highlighting diverse stories of transition, settlement, and belonging.

This radio-podcast series tells the stories of newcomers living, working, and building their lives in Peterborough, Ontario.

Produced by the New Canadians Centre in partnership with Trent Radio, and hosted by Jill Staveley of Trent Radio.


Trailer - About the Living Library Project

Launched in September 2018, the Living Library Project was established with the goal of sharing the diverse and compelling stories of newcomers through public speaking engagements. Since then, it has grown into a multi-modal storytelling project. In this radio-podcast series, we bring you the stories of six newcomers living, working, and building their lives in Peterborough, Ontario. These are their stories of home, belonging, loss, hope, community, and more.

Episode 1 - New Challenges in a New Home- Fabiola's Story

When Fabiola arrived in Canada, one of the first places she visited was the New Canadians Centre where the Women’s Group helped her overcome the challenges her new life presented. Today, she volunteers as the facilitator of the same group that welcomed her. In this episode, Fabiola shares how a community of women come together to support each other, and the hope that lies ahead.

Episode 2 - “Welcome to Canada!” Now, how do you find a community? Abeer’s story

Getting to Canada is one thing, but what do you do once you’ve landed?

For Abeer, finding a community where she and her family felt safe and comfortable was the number one priority. In this episode, Abeer tells us how she ended up in Canada and why she’s now motivated to help others find their own community.

Episode 3 - Crossings North and South: Being Mapped by a placed called Branada - Magali’s story

The creative mind of a 7-year-old immigrant girl inspires her mom to reflect on what it means to be mapped by the places you live and visit. In this episode, Magali shares stories and ideas from her experiences in a place called Branada. What has mapped you?

Episode 4 - Redefining "Home" and "Belonging" - Bhisham's story

Being an immigrant for nearly all his life, the question of home and belonging always made Bhisham anxious. That is, until a transformative class in his third year of university sparked some new ideas for him. In this episode, Bhisham takes us through his immigrant experiences, redefining “home” and “belonging” along the way.

Episode 5 - “This Is Your Home!” Journeying across continents to find a forever home – Charlotte’s story

For as long as Charlotte could remember, home was always something temporary – something that could be taken away in a moment’s notice. That is until she and her family were sponsored to come to Canada in 2016. Arriving in Peterborough, her sponsor welcomes her by saying “This is your home.” Four words that have stuck with her ever since. In this episode, Charlotte tells us her story of home, community, and determination.