The Economic Impact of International Students on Peterborough’s Local Economy

May 2020 Edition of Partnership News by the Peterborough Immigration Partnership

The Workforce Development Board, a PIP Partner, hosted a research project through the Trent Community Research Centre this year exploring the economic impact of international students in Peterborough and surrounding area. The study was conducted by Trent student Adam Call and supervised by Jennifer Lamantia, Chief Executive Officer of the Workforce Development Board. 

The Economic Impact of International Students on Peterborough’s Local Economy

Research conducted by Adam Call

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Between 2014 and 2017, the international student population of Canada increased by 51.6% (Canadian Bureau of International Education), with the largest proportion of students being from China (28%) and India (25%). As the number of students from foreign countries increases, many “college towns” may anticipate economic impact as a result of the influx of residents along with the consumption and labour they bring. There are opportunities for local economic growth should international talent be retained by way of entrepreneurial potential, which can address both matters of employment as well as cultural connection and community involvement. Further, involving international students in the development of both the local economy and campus can increase the attractiveness of the university, attracting more competitive talent to further stimulate the local economy.

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