“Because you helped us, now we can help others”

“The conductor wouldn’t turn the lights on when it got dark. We all knew why.
But all the children on the train, how must it feel like for them?”

Liza Maslova remembered the train journey from Dnipro to Warsaw ten days after the war broke out.

She and her children reunited with her husband Sasha, a truck driver, in Poland. They did not have more than one change of clothing. Sasha’s manager made space in the company’s hostel to shelter his family.

Liza and Sasha faced an uncertain future ahead. They heard about a passage to safety in Canada and decided to apply to start a new life for their family.

Because of donors like you, families like Liza and Sasha’s have the chance to start anew. You are the light. Your donations support basic needs like food, shelter and medical treatments.

Like you, Ennismore residents Art and Linda du Temple wanted to help.

“You ask yourself – what can you do when there is sadness?
How can you turn things around and brighten someone’s life?”

Art and his wife Linda responded to Liza and Sasha’s call for help on social media. They offered them a home in Canada, their friendship and support. They also connected the family to the New Canadians Centre.

Liza and Sasha did not expect generosity and kindness from complete strangers. It is a gift that they are forever grateful for.

Your support changes lives.

You have been the light for individuals and families in times of need over the New Canadians Centre’s 42-year history.

Last spring, in less than two weeks, community members like you contributed over $30,000 toward our Client Emergency Fund. This provided crucial financial support to newcomers rebuilding their lives.

We are relying on you more than ever.

Today, Sasha is working with Treescape. Liza runs a bustling home cleaning business. They are sharing their knowledge to help others who are new to our community.

Volodmyr, Liza, Mykhailo & Sasha have collected messages of hope from the new friends they have made on their journey

“Because you helped us, now we are able to help others.”

Please consider making a gift to the New Canadians Centre today. Help newcomers to Canada feel safe and to belong.

Andy Cragg
Executive Director

P.S. Your donation supports programs and services that meet the emerging needs of newcomers to Canada from anywhere in the world.

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