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Our Neighbourhood

"Our Neighbourhood" brings you the voices and faces of our newcomers who have made their home in Nogojiwanong-Peterborough. They've opened their hearts and shared their experiences, struggles, and triumphs right here in our neighbourhood. 

The videos delve into the unique stories and journeys of newcomers, shedding light on their varied experiences. At the heart of them all is the search for belonging and the success that can be achieved through community – and a good neighbourly welcome.

What does it mean to be a good neighbour, to welcome people who are new to Canada, and to build a more diverse and just society for everyone?

 Explore these questions and more in "Our Neighbourhood."

Meet Your Neighbours

Tim Nguyen

Tim Nguyen is a high school student from Vietnam, a musician, and a young leader who explores the challenges of starting over in a new country with an accent.

Tashvi Menghi

Tashvi Menghi is a teenager from India who settled in Canada one year ago. As an artist and youth activist, they want to be a support for others struggling in their settlement.

Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez is a Venezuelan artist who has called Canada home for nearly 10 years, and who says that art was the bright light through the challenges of immigration and settlement.

Fatma Al Ahmed

Fatma Al Ahmed is a high-school student from Syria who explores the challenges and barriers that exist for young Muslim hijabi girls like herself.

Bhisham K. Ramoutar

Bhisham K. Ramoutar is a newcomer from Trinidad & Tobago who highlights the value of representation in traditionally marginalised fields and spaces.

Samantha Banton

Samantha Banton is a Jamaican poet and entrepreneur who wants to see more diverse spaces and representation and has taken steps to fill those gaps.

Please share your thoughts on the content of these videos and the actions we can take as a community.

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