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Refugee Resettlement Support

Since becoming a refugee welcome centre in April 2016, the New Canadians Centre has supported over 250 government assisted refugees (GARs)  and continue to welcome new families to our community every month.  We provide temporary housing, help families meet their urgent and basic needs on arrival, connect them to important medical and other services, introduce them to welcoming community members through our GAR Support group initiative, and support them in achieving their goals.

Ongoing - Afghan Resettlement in Peterborough

We are currently supporting the resettlement of 78 Afghans in our community.

We anticipate that many of them will stay in Peterborough for approximately 4 to 8 weeks and will want to live in the Toronto area permanently. But while they are with us, we will provide them with temporary housing, help them meet their basic needs, deliver basic orientations to life in Canada, and help them find permanent accommodations.

Visit our Afghan Resettlement page for updated information and ways to get involved.

You Can Support Refugees - GAR Support Groups

Each Government Assisted Refugee (GAR) family receives a Support Group comprised of community members volunteering their time to support the family's new life in Canada, welcome them to Peterborough, make friends and learn about other cultures. These groups assist new families throughout the integration process and help them navigate the community. Support groups have made a tremendous difference to the families who have arrived. Our goal is to match every family with a support group - you can help us reach that goal!

To learn about this opportunity, please visit our Volunteer page.

If you are not able to commit your time to being part of a support group, you can also support newcomers by making a donation or by collecting household items for new families.

If new needs arise, we will update this page and social media.

Learn more about Lisa and Charles' stories as volunteer support group members in the links to the right.

Resources for GAR Support Groups


Resources for Sponsorship Groups

Any community group or group of five individuals can sponsor a refugee family. To sponsor a family, you need a desire to help and a one-year commitment to take care of all the family’s financial and other needs. Here is an information package about private sponsorship created by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough. For more information on sponsoring refugees, please contact our Settlement Services Coordinator.

Here are some resources to support sponsorship groups: