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New Canadians Centre Young Leaders

The New Canadians Centre Young Leaders (NCCYL) is a Youth Leadership Council launched in fall 2020. Each year, the NCCYL recruits new members who served on the council for the duration of the school year from September to June.

The NCCYL seeks to empower youth who have newcomer experience by offering a platform where they can discuss the issues that affect newcomer youth, explore their own stories and how they can help.

Participants engage in weekly meetings, training, and projects while building leadership skills in the process.

Questions about the NCCYL can be directed to Lubna Sadek, Youth Worker at [email protected]

NCCYL 2021-22 Cohort

NCCYL’s most recent project is called “Tips for Teachers”. “We did a round table discussion to create resources for educators in Canada. It was very meaningful because I was hearing all the opinions from youths my age who were having the same experiences I had when I first came to Canada”, shares Maria Mahfuz, NCCYL participant.

“Tips for Teachers” is a document with advice for teachers through the lens of new Canadian youth.

“We created this document to share with teachers so they can help newcomer youth to adapt to school easily. I know that at first, when people come here, it is all just new faces, and they don’t know what to do. At lunch breaks, they sit by themselves, and a lot of times, teachers don’t know what to do because it is also something new to them,” shares Maria. “It is really important for me to bring awareness of all the struggles of newcomers students.”

NCCYL 2021-22 Cohort

Collaborative Project: The NCCYL Show

The NCCYL Radio/Podcast Show is created by newcomer youth, for newcomer youth - and anyone else who would like to listen! The 4 episode NCCYL Show will cover different topics from a newcomer youth perspective with the goal of amplifying newcomer youth voices.

In preparation for their show, the NCCYL received training from Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM. The group is working collaboratively to record, produce, and promote their show.

Episodes will air on Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM and will be available on all streaming platforms. You can also listen to episodes below.

NCCYL 2020-21 Cohort

The first cohort of the NCCYL comprised of 6 dynamic youth from three schools in Peterborough. Throughout their time on the council, they participated in training, attended weekly meetings, and facilitated weekly Homework Help sessions for newcomer youth.

Collaborative Project: The Newcomer Youth's Guidebook

The youth wanted to find a way to share their experiences and help newcomer youth feel more comfortable and less lonely as they settle in Canada. They created a guidebook for newcomer youth filled with personal stories of settlement, advice, resources, and reassurances on settling in Canada.

Applying their leadership skills, they advocated for its distribution by presenting at both KPRDSB and PVNCCDSB School District Committees where it has been well-received and will be distributed in schools. The guidebook will also be shared with newcomer youth and families at the New Canadians Centre, and available as an online resource.