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Peterborough Immigration Partnership

Established in 2008, the Peterborough Immigration Partnership (PIP) is a community-based partnership of individuals and organisations (including the New Canadians Centre) which envisions a community where the meaningful economic, social and cultural integration of newcomers ensures a prosperous and inclusive community for all.

The work of the PIP is guided by the Community Immigrant Integration Plan 2016-2021 which articulates the goals that need to be met to achieve meaningful integration in a welcoming community.

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To meet our objectives, our work is broadly organised around these working groups:

PIP staff work closely with community partners and individuals to coordinate and improve service delivery for newcomers and refugees and to improve organisational capacity to work with these client groups.

Any organisation, municipality, business or individual in the Peterborough region can become a partner by endorsing the vision and mandate of the Peterborough Immigration Partnership and by committing to advance the objectives of the Community Integration Plan 2015-2020

We welcome your feedback and opportunities for collaboration! For more information on any of the programs and working groups, please contact: Director of Community Development