For the first time in her life, Charlotte can see the future. It’s here, in Peterborough

We are inspired every day by the people we work with and the community we live in. This is Charlotte’s story.

“My name is Imaniragena Charlotte Nzabondera.

I was five years old when the civil war in Rwanda broke out.

Soldiers stormed my family’s home. We were forced to leave our house. We had no food. We had no water. We lived in refugee camps where thousands of people died from disease, including my father and the baby my mother was carrying.

I want to share my story with you today. I want to tell you how the Women’s Group at the New Canadians Centre Peterborough changed my life.

When I arrived in 2016, I could not speak English. For someone who never had a chance to go to school, the Women’s Group at the New Canadians Centre was my first classroom. I learn among friends.

Every week I am learning something. Sewing and cooking skills. How to read and write in English. My confidence is growing.

I have dreams and hopes and one day, when my children are older, I will pursue them.”



In the two years that Charlotte has arrived in Canada, she has learned to read, write and speak English.

She has found a supportive community that has embraced her and her family.

She is learning skills that will help her to provide for her family and to care for others, as others did for her.

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Hajni Hos
Executive Director
New Canadians Centre Peterborough