Fall Harvest Potluck, Sharing More Than a Meal

Last month we hosted our Fall Harvest Potluck, where over 120 people joined us, bringing with them a dish to share and a lot of joy. There was cheerful noise from many different languages as new and old friends met. The kids were playing, making crafts and dancing to the sound of our dearest volunteers who played Ukrainian and other classical songs.

It was a night for our clients to enjoy with friends and family, meet new people and strengthen as a community. Many women who attend our weekly Women’s Group came together again at the potluck. They cheerfully shared their favourite meals and volunteered to do the dishes! It was beautiful seeing how comfortable they felt being together.

After dinner, the children participated in a classic Canadian fall activity: pumpkin carving. Many had never carved a pumpkin before and were excited about making their first Jack-o’-lantern. They chose their pumpkin, drew on it, and starting using the carving tools. When they removed the top, they were so surprised to see what was inside the pumpkin!

This event reflected all our values: respect, equity and inclusion, collaboration, dedication and celebration. We are incredibly grateful to our clients, volunteers and staff members. Thank you for joining us – we cannot wait for the next event!