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The Living Library features newcomers with unique and compelling stories of transition, settlement, and belonging. Organizations and individuals can book a featured newcomer to share their story at a gathering, staff event, or classroom to learn more about the newcomer experience and different cultures.

Booking a speaker is free, however, donations to support the work of the New Canadians Centre is welcome.

This program is offered within the counties of Peterborough and Northumberland. Depending on location, organisations may be asked to cover the cost of transportation.

The Living Library Project

Ready to book a speaker?

Please contact Mauricio Interiano, Community Engagement Officer:

We are available for virtual speaking engagements and in-person engagements on a case-by-case basis, dependent on public health guidelines.

Current Stories & Speakers

Ajil Almousa

Ajil Almousa

"You Can Choose Your Road in Canada"

Bhisham profile

Bhisham K. Ramoutar

A Journey in Redefining Home and Belonging

Esther Izarnotegui

Esther Izarnotegui

"Peterborough Is A Drop of Heaven" - Language, Family, and Mental Health

Patricia Orantes

Patricia Orantes

"A Leap of Faith..." - A Journey of Love, Hardship, and Resilience 

Available for speaking engagements in Northumberland

Rafael and Aruasy Aguilera

Rafael & Aruasy Aguilera

Two Daughters, A Decision, And A New Chance to Live