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The Living Library Podcast

The Living Library Project is a multi-modal storytelling program of the New Canadians Centre which aims to share human stories of immigration and integration by highlighting diverse and compelling stories of transition, settlement, and belonging.

This radio-podcast series tells the stories of newcomers living, working, and building their lives in Peterborough and Northumberland, Ontario.

Produced by the New Canadians Centre in partnership with Trent Radio, and hosted by Jill Staveley of Trent Radio.


Season 2

Episode 5 - A Leap of Faith - Patricia's Story

With a passion for travel and culture, Patricia took a leap of faith and moved to Canada over 10-years ago to build a new life with her Canadian partner. But she quickly found that life in Canada was not what she initially expected. She struggled to find work, battled feelings of loneliness, and soon, her marriage too became strained. Her leap of faith takes us on a journey of love, hardship, rebirth, and resilience.

Episode 4 - How An Artist Finds His Superpower and Community - Miguel's Story

When Venezuelan artist Miguel Hernandez arrived in Canada in 2014, he was afraid to speak the little English he knew because of his accent. But, walking through the doors of the New Canadians Centre, he felt like he belonged and knew Canada was his second home. After a tough immigration process, he's now built a home in Peterborough surrounded by a loving community. Armed with his superpower, he wants to tell his story, so others believe in theirs. 

Episode 3 - Peterborough Is A Drop of Heaven - Esther's Story

When Esther and her family of five relocated to Peterborough in 2014 from Peru, they were quickly met with many changes to their way of life. From language and culture to weather and nature. While she laughs at those experiences now, she remembers being anxious at the time. In this episode, Esther recalls some stories of her settlement and tells us why Peterborough has become her "drop of heaven."

Episode 2 - You Can Choose Your Road In Canada - Ajil's Story

Arriving in Canada as a 17-year old, Ajil remembers struggling with a new language and culture. But, he also remembers the warm welcome his family received in Peterborough. It made him realise that people care and want to see him succeed and that in Canada, you can choose your road. In this episode, Ajil tells us about the road he chose and the challenges and triumphs that came with it.

Episode 1 - "A Little Thing" and "I Can Do It!" - Rafael & Aruasy's Story

Faced with moving to another country and packing up their lives into two suitcases, Rafael & Aruasy asks, "what will we truly need to continue living?" In this episode, Venezuelan husband and wife Rafael & Aruasy answer that question and take us through the experiences, challenges, and joys of their Canadian adventure.

Season 1