Newcomer Radio Group

The Newcomer Radio Group is a project of the New Canadians Centre in partnership with Trent Radio. The goal is to support newcomers in Peterborough with skills and opportunities to tell their stories on their own terms. In doing so, we hope to help diversify voices and perspectives in local media and arts.

Participants are offered 6-weeks of training in storytelling and audio/radio production and an opportunity to share their stories on-air and through a podcast.

The group was launched in February 2021 with 4 participants. Following the success of that group, another group began in May 2021 with 6 participants.

The groups were facilitated by Laurel Paluck, Producer-Oriented Project Coordinator at Trent Radio CFFF 92.7FM.

Initial funding for the first two groups was provided by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

Listen to their stories below or on our Apple, Google, and Spotify channels.


First Cohort - Winter 2021

Abhishek Udawat – “Tomato Juice” and “Triggers”

Abhishek Udawat recalls the memory of his plane ride to Canada in 2018 and another story about identity and a common question immigrants are asked.

Anuj Arora – “A Bowl of Indian Soup”

Anuj Arora tells the story of his journey to Canada and a friendship that started over a bowl of Indian soup.

Esther Izarnotegui – “This Is Home”

Esther Izarnotegui shares heartwarming stories of her family’s new experiences in Canada from language to weather to mental health. These experiences make it clear to her that “This Is Home.”

Jorge Escalera Arroyo – “My Story”

11-year old Jorge Escalera Arroyo recalls memories of his family’s move to Canada over six years ago and making friends at school.

Second Cohort - Spring 2021

Adriana Alves – "Remember Who You Are"

Adriana shares stories about her life in Brazil and her move to Canada in 2020, guided by the words "remember who you are."

Bhisham K. Ramoutar – "The Question of Home" and "The Gold Ring"

Bhisham shares stories about what home means to him and how a ring helped him get through the first year in Canada as an international student.

Grace Terfa – "The Most Important Flight of My Life"

Grace recalls the story of the most important flight of her life -- 17-hours to Canada and 38-weeks pregnant -- and the weeks following.

Imaniragena Charlotte Nzabondera – "The Point of Confusion"

Arriving in Canada in June, Charlotte and her family were confused by the weather. "What cold are people talking about?" Listen as she recalls how they navigated the seasons of Canada.

Javier Bravo – "Things Happen for a Reason"

As a child, Javier always heard the phrase "things happen for a reason" but never understood it. Now, the phrase has become part of him, carrying a lot of meaning. He shares why.

Patrickson Henderson – "My First Time Coming to Canada"

Patrickson recalls the day he arrived in Canada for the first time during the cold of winter and the days following. (There is one instance of explicit language from 1:40 - 1:43)