Storytelling Circle

Discovering the Stories Within Us

Storytelling is a powerful tool that can help people discover themselves, heal, and build community. The Storytelling Circle was a six-week program developed in partnership with Theatre for Good to provide a space for newcomers to connect with others, learn new skills, and share their stories with the community.

Facilitated by Megan Nimigon of Theatre for Good, the program ran for six weeks in March and April 2022, drawing on a mix of interactive and theatre-based exercises to help spark ideas, reflection, and creativity. Over the six weeks, participants uncovered the shared and unique stories that are at the heart of migration and the human experience.

During the final sessions, participants filmed videos sharing a personal story with other members of the cohort helping to animate the stories through dramatisation and free movement.

Below, you can view some of the video stories from the Spring 2022 Cohort:

"Everything Happens for a Reason"

Celis Garcia encourages everyone to take hold of every opportunity that comes their way. She recalls her fears and how she found her strength.

"What Makes A Home"

Bhisham Ramoutar
takes us on a journey through the three countries he has lived in and how he has redefined concepts of home and belonging along the way.

"9-Months Pregnant"

Grace Terfa
still remembers the flight to Canada – 17-hours while 9-months pregnant and flying with a toddler. It’s a moment etched in her memory. But the sweetness of Peterborough makes it worthwhile.