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Afghan Resettlement in Peterborough

After the collapse of the Afghan government in August 2021, Canada was among the first countries to launch a humanitarian resettlement program for Afghan refugees.

In September 2021, with the first of the Afghan refugees arriving in Canada, COSTI, the main settlement service provider in Toronto, took on a huge role in resettlement. With short notice, we were asked to support the resettlement of a group of 78 Afghan evacuees. The majority of the group arrived in Peterborough on September 17.

Since then, we have continued to welcome Afghan refugees in Peterborough through the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP).  We provide them with temporary housing, help them meet their basic needs, deliver basic orientations to life in Canada, and help them find permanent accommodations.

Canada's response to the situation in Afghanistan

How can you help?

Be a welcoming and inclusive community member: Arriving in a new community having fled war and crisis can be extremely stressful. Being friendly and welcoming to all goes a long way to making our newest residents feel good as they get to know their new community, make friends and start over in a new country.


Volunteer to support resettlement programs: Volunteer needs and processes are being assessed. Please check our volunteer page regularly for updated information on this.


Provide affordable housing: Landlords and property managers who can provide affordable and safe housing for refugees, please contact us at [email protected].


Financial contribution: As the New Canadians Centre supports all refugees, including the newly-arrived Afghan evacuees, we encourage anyone wishing to make a financial contribution to direct their gifts to the Peterborough Welcome Fund. This fund will allow us to make the most of your generous gift and direct it to where it is needed most.


Donating items: Please visit our SoKind registry to view a list of items that are currently needed. Families are not able to accumulate many items while they are in temporary housing. To avoid duplicates and so that we can get in touch with you, please click on "Give This Gift". After confirming, you may drop it off at our Peterborough office between 10am and 4pm.

We are not able to store and sort items beyond what is listed, so please visit Vinnies or the Habitat for Humanity ReStores if you have more items to donate.


Thank You to the community for responding to our callout to help create welcome cards for new families. Hundreds of you responded with creativity, kindness, and generosity. Each family received several cards to take with them and are very appreciative of your welcome. Thank you!

Welcome Cards

How can I stay informed?

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Here are some helpful resources to stay updated on the resettlement of Afghans in Canada and the unfolding situation:

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