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Refugee Support Team Member

Refugee Support Team Member


Approximately 330 refugees have resettled in Peterborough over the last few years; of these, approximately 1/3 are privately sponsored and 2/3 are government-assisted refugees. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we have matched each new government assisted refugee family with one volunteer support team to help them adjust to their new life in Canada and learn how to navigate the community. We will continue to receive refugees as a Resettlement Assistance Program centre until July 2018. We expect to receive approximately 75 individuals. To reach this goal we need your help – join a support team today and be a welcoming face that a newcomer to Peterborough needs.


Volunteers should be committed to weekly volunteering for roughly one year. The first few months are often the busiest and requires volunteers to take initiative and adapt according to each family’s individual needs, however, this has proven to be an extremely rewarding experience for those involved – learn how being on a Support Team has impacted two NCC volunteer’s lives: Lisa’s story and Charles’ story.

Support Team Member

All it takes is a core group of 6-8 members and 1 team leader. Groups can be made up of friends, colleagues, neighbours or strangers. If you know anyone interested in this volunteer position, send them to this page, let us know they want to be on your team and help them get started. If you would like to join a team alone and start volunteering, follow the instructions at the bottom and we will match you with a team. As a team member, you will be helping with:

  • Welcome reception upon family’s arrival to Canada
  • Social connections and arranging family activities within the community – community events, tobogganing, picnics etc.
  • Orientation to the community – grocery stores, library, parks, YMCA, transit
  • Assistance with childminding and transportation to appointments
  • Informal ESL support and tutoring
  • Assistance with permanent housing search

Team Leader

Is this you?

  • Computer and smart phone savvy
  • Good facilitation, communication and people skills
  • Problem solver
  • Organised and good at time management
  • Flexible and ready for anything

Yes? Then become a volunteer team leader where you can share in a family’s new life in Canada, welcome them to Peterborough, make friends and learn about other cultures.

As a team leader, you will have to take a step back from the front line work as your main role is to coordinate and communicate. You will be responsible for delegating ‘tasks’ to the support team.  You will act as the main contact/liaison between the support team, the refugee family and the New Canadians Centre. You will be in charge of keeping everyone connected and up to date with family activities and ensuring their needs are met throughout the one year resettlement period. An NCC staff will be assigned to your group and will support you throughout this process.

How do I get started?

Follow the general instructions on the main volunteer page and complete forms 1-6. Form “6 – Driver Agreement” should be completed by those who are able to and comfortable with transporting the family to and from appointments when they are not able to take public transit. Please see further driving details on form 6.