“I Learned to Trust Myself”

I won’t lie – it can get pretty boring being a carpenter square.

I help you to draw straight lines at different angles. Next to the power tools that whirr and cut, I am not very exciting.

Imagine my surprise when Montse said that I was her favourite tool out of all the ones in the tool bag.

Me! The square!

You see, my tool friends and I were part of the Introduction to Home Maintenance workshop series that Montse joined at the New Canadians Centre.

Our human friends were so shy when they first met us. They did not know our names and were not sure what we could do.

After six weeks together, everything changed. We had great fun building a wall together so that they could practice their skills.

I could see how Montse became more confident about what she could achieve. She could fix things and not have to rely on others. She also made friends and felt like a part of a community where she belonged.

I am so proud to be a part of her journey towards settling here in Canada.

You can help!

I’m sitting on the shelf now, with Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver and the other tools. We can hear the people who visit the New Canadians Centre every day looking for opportunities to learn skills and connect with others.

You can empower newcomers to Canada to help them to belong today! With your support, I can continue to play my part in other Home Maintenance workshops.

Carpenter Square
Friend of the New Canadians Centre