Make a Positive & Lasting Impact in Peterborough

“I’ve been interested in the work of the New Canadians Centre for quite some time. When they took the lead on Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Peterborough, I felt it was important to support this work in any way possible. I made the decision to donate to an organization that was doing something locally, to create a more diverse and welcoming community. In light of all that’s going on politically right now, especially in the US, I believe it’s really important to invest in community development.  The NCC is an organization that’s making a positive and lasting impact right here in Peterborough.” – Ashley Fearnall, Trent University and Donor of New Canadians Centre

In less than one year, the New Canadians Centre has increased the number of clients we serve annually by more than 30%. Now more than ever, we are counting on you, members of our community, to provide supportive and encouraging leadership to welcome our newcomers and to help them become full and equal members of Canadian Society.

For as little as a cup of coffee a week, you can become a monthly donor.
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