PIP News – December 2018

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A recap of the Peterborough Immigration Partnership’s work in December 2018

Newcomer Kitchen Peterborough is the newest vendor at the Peterborough Regional Farmers Market (PRFM)

During the month of December, and with much support and enthusiasm, the Peterborough Regional Farmers Market (PRFM) welcomed its newest food vendor: Newcomer Kitchen Peterborough. This is a great opportunity for the group to create a routine for themselves that will help further expand their learning and training. With a fixed weekly schedule and venue, the group of women are able to allocate the same day every week for their inventory checks, shopping, and cooking; they can rely on their market sales to support their weekly costs; and they can present a set menu every Saturday for their regulars, while having the flexibility to test new recipes to attract new customers. Most importantly, PRFM represents a safe, friendly, and low-pressure environment where Newcomer Kitchen Peterborough is surrounded by other vendors who are welcoming and supportive – it is a place where these newcomer women can feel like they belong; and where the market becomes an extension of their existing community.
Many thanks to PRFM for the opportunity; to the Jewish Community Centre for their continued and valuable support; to the Luke4Foundation and the Government of Ontario for financial support; and to the Nourish Project whose partnership with PIP helped shape Newcomer Kitchen Peterborough into the successful model that it is.
Visit the Newcomer Kitchen Peterborough on Saturday mornings at the market inside the Peterborough Square!

Two members of the Newcomer Kitchen on their first day at the market

Established in 2008, the Peterborough Immigration Partnership (PIP) is a community-based partnership of individuals & organisations (including the NCC) which envisions a community where the meaningful economic, social and cultural integration of newcomers ensures a prosperous and inclusive community for all.

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