Sharing what we Love about this Community at the Heart of the New Canadians Centre’s #PtboIsMyHome


PETERBOROUGH – Each year on July 1 the Multicultural Canada Day Festival brings our community together for a celebration of our country’s birthday and the multiculturalism that is core to our national identity.  “I’ve always admired the work the New Canadians Centre does in Peterborough to celebrate diversity and inclusion,” says Lesley Robb, a local entrepreneur and mother of two children who recently contacted the NCC to see how she could volunteer her time to support newcomers in our community. “Having attended the NCC’s multicultural events in the past, it was important to us (our families and community) to find a unique way to celebrate our home this year.”

While the community is not gathering in person on July 1, the New Canadians Centre is encouraging our community to celebrate and share what they love about this city through various activities that will take place throughout the day. “The opportunity to coordinate this important community celebration focused on ‘Peterborough Is My Home’ is especially significant this year,” says Bhisham Ramoutar, NCC Outreach Worker and lead Festival organizer. “We’ve missed being together and connecting in person.  People with families overseas are worried about when they will see each other again. We’ve developed programs and activities that remind us how important it is to stay connected, in whatever way we can.”

From a virtual suite of programming that includes multicultural dance and performance, to spotting a Maple Mobile that will be traveling through various neighbourhoods throughout the city, all of the activities offer people a chance to celebrate what they love about Peterborough, and why we call it home.

Here is a list of activities with full details, schedules and links available on

Multicultural Performances:

Enjoy performances on our Facebook page from Mithila Ballal and her young team of dancers from Ukti – Centre for Movement and Arts, the Northumberland Multicultural Dance Troupe with Filipino and Flamenco dances, Janet McCue, Irish Millie, Yamen, the Rock n’ Roll Princesses, Blue Wave Taekwondo, Tahitian dance with Maria Gomez and Zumba with Shaoling. Sista Jill and the Fam Jam, Curtis Driedger and the Paddling Puppeteers invite you to join them in their singalongs! See the website for the schedule of performances. 

Cheer for Ptbo:

Step outside at 11:30am on July 1 and let’s give a hearty cheer for this vibrant community that has stuck together and supported one another through this challenging time. Bring your voice, pots, pans, spoons, and let’s make some noise! Post your photos & videos on social media and tag the New Canadians Centre #PtboIsMyHome

Spot the Maple Mobile:

There will be five specially-decorated Maple Mobiles driving around Peterborough between 11:00am and 12:00pm on July 1. Check out the NCC website for the routes and park yourself on your lawn to see if you can catch them go by! Take a photo, submit it to the New Canadians Centre’s Facebook page with the hashtag #PtboIsMyHome to be entered in the draw to win a gift certificate to one of four amazing local restaurants, Fusion Bowl, Village of Thai, Curry Village or Rare!

Canadian Citizenship Challenge:

Did you know that when a permanent resident applies for Canadian Citizenship, they must pass a test to demonstrate their knowledge of Canada? They must pass with a score of 80% or more in order to be eligible. We have compiled 20 sample questions on our website – can you pass the test? If you answer 15 or more questions correctly, you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of four $20 gift certificates to A Taste of Russia and Nish Tees.

Stories of Hope, Home and Belonging:

Meet 5 local immigrant entrepreneurs who are at different points in their settlement experience and careers: Shahab Stanikzai of Goodies on George, Sandra Arciniega of La Hacienda, Aleks Goloborodko of Paintings by Alex, Leticia Cordova of Maison du Chocolat and Vange Rodriguez and Rosie Salcido of Faces By 2. Their stories are shared in the #PtboIsMyHome series on KawarthaNow. 

“Make a Home” Storybook:

Local artist Laurel Paluck of Atelier Ludmila has created a special art project for this event. Make a fold-up home storybook with materials you can find at home: paper, glue, scissors and markers. Can you tell a story with your rooms? What if your friend comes to visit? What will they find in your rooms? A simple instructional video can be found on the website. We have put together 200 art kits to distribute to community partners. Take a photo of your “Home” storybook and share with us on social media #PtboIsMyHome or email [email protected]

“Staying connected, even in small ways, means so much, particularly this year, with all of the challenges we are facing,” says Lesley Robb, who is volunteering her time and distributing art kits to members of The Founders Collective, a group created to connect entrepreneurial-minded womxn in Peterborough and beyond. “Having an opportunity to celebrate home is so important. Thank you for having The Founders Collective and our families take part. We’ll be waving from the Maple Mobile!”

This “Celebrate Canada” event is generously supported by Canadian Heritage.

The New Canadians Centre (NCC) is a non-profit organization that has been providing services in the Peterborough community since 1979. The New Canadians Centre strives to empower immigrants and refugees to become full and equal members of Canadian society, and to provide community leadership to ensure cultural integration in a welcoming community. 

For more information about the New Canadians Centre’s Multicultural Canada Day Festival, visit our website, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @newcanadianscentre and Twitter @ncc_ptbo #bringpeopletogether.


For more information, please contact: 

Yvonne Lai

Director of Community Development

New Canadians Centre [email protected]