Siemens Promotes Important Role Diversity Plays in Growth and Sustainability of our Community

Every year Jean-Rene Larocque looks forward to attending the Multicultural Canada Day Festival at Del Crary Park with his family. “It’s a wonderful celebration of music and dance from various countries from all around the world,” says Larocque. “And the food is fantastic.” Head of R&D at Siemens Peterborough, Larocque is excited to support the centre. “When Siemens realized there was an opportunity to help promote the important role diversity plays in the continuous growth, development and sustainability of our community, we knew we should be a part of this multicultural festival.”

“Everyone at Siemens Canada is proud of the impact we are having to make our country stronger with an ever-brighter future,” says Siemens President and CEO Faisal Kazi of the company’s Business to Society approach to sustainability which has a strong belief in the values and needs of society at its core.

Knowing how to support and encourage new Canadians by meeting them at their stage of development – with language and skills enhancement as well as opportunities to make community connections – aligns with Siemens core values. “Everyone is valued for their unique skills and talent,” says Larocque. “It’s what makes this workplace special.”

Siemens Peterborough staff pose in front of their company sign

L to R: Chris Harper, Laurie Reynolds. Jean-René Larocque, Valerie McQueen, and Graham McGregor pose in their #BringPeopleTogether t-shirts

Siemens Peterborough has employees in manufacturing, research and development, marketing, and finance. They design and manufacture sophisticated measurement instruments and automated equipment for the process industries and employ a diverse workforce. Siemens Peterborough is part of the global Process Instrumentation business segment and operates under the Siemens Canada umbrella.