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A donation of securities or mutual funds is one of the most efficient ways to give charitably. Since capital gains taxes don't apply, our charity receives the full fair market value when the security is sold, and you get a tax receipt which reflects your larger contribution. This allows you to give more and get more.

Join us at the heart of our 40-year journey to welcome newcomers and refugees. Your gift will help change lives, when we are together and even when we're apart.

Please contact Paris Nguyen at paris@nccpeterborough.ca if you have any questions or would like to discuss your donation of securities.

6 April 2022:

On Monday March 28, we launched an urgent appeal to raise $20,000 for our Client Emergency Fund to support those fleeing Ukraine and other newcomers in times of need. Not only have you helped us to do that, you have raised $30,000 for the Fund in less than 1 week.

Thank you – we are truly grateful!

Now that we’ve met our goal, your donation will be directed to the Peterborough Welcome Fund for

  • mental health supports for newcomer youth
  • employment programs that provide on-the-job English language training
  • activities that introduce newcomers to the community to build social connections
  • and other programs and services that respond to urgent and emerging needs of our clients arriving from anywhere in the world.

Thank you for walking with us every step of the way.

Charitable Number: 119091940RR0001