Together, Even When We’re Apart…This Is What Your Donation Looks Like

“Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo …”

Did I get you humming too? 

Baby Shark is a song about bringing families together. Helping them stay connected. Especially when they feel alone. 

I got to know this song REALLY well this summer. I sang it every Tuesday when I visited newcomer families in isolation. Families who need Your support to learn language. Stay connected. And know they belong to this community.

As it turns out, Baby Shark is a favorite song for newcomer children. It helps them learn language.  And it makes them really happy when they sing it! 

Our newcomer friends are missing the connection and the love they feel when they come to the New Canadians Centre. There is so much joy in being together. 

What a year we have had. We are missing all of you too!

How do we stay together when we are asked to keep apart? 

Because of You, we are moving forward with programs for newcomers. Because of you, we are adapting.

Your ongoing support gives us the stability to keep newcomers connected. Especially now.

My colleagues and I are working hard at the New Canadians Centre. We are keeping newcomer and refugee families connected. Let me tell you how!

Your generosity is keeping newcomer women together. They are baking bread and making crafts, online. We delivered the ingredients to make sure they could do these activities together

Your gift is helping newcomers maintain long-time friendships. Important connections that support language learning and a sense of belonging.

Your generosity is helping newcomer Youth continue to learn English. Develop digital literacy. Explore employment opportunities. Ensure they have the skills they need to be successful.

Because of You we haven’t stopped.

We need you to continue to keep moving forward!

Your gift to the New Canadians Centre impacts the lives of so many people in our community. Like migrant farm workers. With your help we delivered care packages of food staples, drawings and letters letting them know we are grateful for all they do.

Your support helps newcomer women step up when our community needs them by sewing caps and masks for frontline healthcare workers.

Because of your ongoing generosity, newcomer families are not isolated. They are hopeful. They are working towards their future by playing games, reading together and singing songs in their backyards.

Like Baby Shark. Who sings with joy when he is together with all of his family. 

“Safe at Last, doo doo doo doo doo doo …”

This is what your gift to the New Canadians Centre looks like. 

This is how You change lives. When we are together.  And even when we are apart. 

Please consider a gift to the New Canadians Centre this holiday season. Help us to continue to bring joy to newcomers and their families through these uncertain times. 

With gratitude

Lubna Sadek

Youth Group Facilitator

P.S. Join us at the heart of our 40-year journey to welcome newcomers and refugees with your gift 

The New Canadians Centre Peterborough strives to empower immigrants and refugees to become full and equal members of Canadian society, and to provide community leadership to ensure cultural integration in a welcoming community. 

Formed in 1979, the New Canadians Centre has been inspiring and encouraging newcomers for 40 years. Learn about the #WeBelong campaign celebrating this milestone.