Trip to Cobourg: An Annual Summer Highlight for Newcomers

The annual trip to Cobourg beach and historic town has become a highlight of summer for clients of the New Canadians Centre and their families. This year 85 people in two school buses made the journey from Peterborough in glorious sunshine. On the beach they were welcomed by newcomers and volunteers living in Cobourg who had already put up gazebos on the sand to provide much needed shade. It was wonderful to bring together new immigrants and refugees from the two cities who otherwise would not have an opportunity to meet.

The trip provided José Alberto, a newcomer from Mexico with an opportunity to connect with friends and meet other newcomers while exploring a new town. Alberto shares:

“Traveling on the trip to Cobourg beach through New Canadians Center was an amazing experience. Firstly for all the facilities that this great institution gave us to make it possible. Secondly, for the experience to share and meet people from other countries and with different backgrounds. I think the best way of connecting and getting to know places (in Ontario) is through the NCC. Thanks New Canadians Centre for making this possible, otherwise l wouldn’t know this beautiful town of Cobourg.”

José Alberto Luna Ortega at the Cobourg Marina during the NCC Trip to Cobourg. (Photo courtesy of José Alberto Luna Ortega)



Whether building sandcastles, swimming in the lake, touring historic Victoria Hall or simply relaxing in the sun, the day was an opportunity to escape from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy making memories in Canada.


A group of newcomers visit the Victoria Hall in Cobourg



This trip was facilitated through the Community Connections Program at the New Canadians Centre which supports the integration of immigrants and refugees in Peterborugh by introducing them to local volunteers and opportunities that increase their social connections and networks, as they gain awareness of Canadian heritage, culture, and life in Canada. Learn more about the Community Connections Program >>