Will you join us and choose hope?



Hope is freedom from fear.

Hope is the resilience of 48 refugee families who have come to Peterborough, searching for a better life.

Hope is a safe haven.

Hope is the equity that prevails when newcomers find meaningful employment

Hope is the happiness and success of children and youth like the heart-warming story of Hayja – a young girl in hijab and a long black abaya, eager to learn about Indigenous culture; to canoe and swim in the Otonabee River.

Hope is the ability to look to the future with optimism, breaking cultural and language barriers for close to 1200 immigrants and refugees in our community this year.

Hope is diversity, inclusion, and the acceptance we strive for every day.

Hope is a city willing to embrace and welcome newcomers.

Hope is giving back, when volunteers overwhelm us with their kindness – like the refugee families from Syria eager to support and welcome other families as they embark on a new journey.

Hope is about second chances, for children like Amani and Aya.

Hope is seeing the people we help finally call Peterborough home.

Join me in choosing Hope this holiday season.

Hajni Hös
Executive Director
New Canadians Centre