Employment Supports at the NCC Help Abhi Soni Land his Dream Job

From factories to grocery stores, Abhi Soni worked many jobs and long hours when he first arrived in Canada before finally landing his dream job. 

Growing up in India, Abhi always wanted to be a bank manager. In 2017, he moved to Canada to study Finance and Global Business Management at Fleming College in Peterborough. As soon as he arrived, he began his studies and started looking for ways to work and support himself. During college, Abhi worked multiple jobs including working in factories, grocery stores and delivering food to pay for his tuition and living expenses. 

He connected with the New Canadians Centre in 2019 for employment and settlement support. With the help of New Canadians Centre’s Employment Counsellor Olga Stetsyuk, Abhi was able to update his résumé, make connections in the community, and receive coaching for interviews. Throughout the pandemic, Abhi was able to access NCC’s services whenever he needed support. 

With help from his Employment Counsellor at NCC, Abhi Soni recently landed a job at a bank achieving a childhood dream of his

Knowing Abhi’s strengths and interests, we forwarded Abhi job postings that matched his profile. This summer, we informed Abhi about an opening at a bank and helped him review his application and prepare for the interview. We are happy to share that Abhi was offered the position and was able to fulfill his dream of working at a bank. Abhi is keen to continue working hard as he builds his life in our community and grows professionally. He hopes to become a manager one day and maybe even open his own business.

The Workplace Integration Team at the New Canadians Centre helps newcomers like Abhi join the workforce by providing job search support and coaching in addition to skills development and job preparedness training. In the past year, our team has supported over 225 newcomers in preparing to join the workforce.