Peterborough Immigrant Needs Assessment 2021 Report

October 2021 Edition of Partnership News by the Peterborough Immigration Partnership

In March 2021, the Peterborough Immigration Partnership conducted a needs assessment to gather feedback to provide important information for the Partnership to shape how we design and deliver programs and services to support immigrants and refugees. We sought feedback from City and County residents who were born in another country. 

Over 350 people participated in the survey. The results provide good insight related to demographics, housing and living patterns, language, education, employment and household income. We also learned about newcomers’ use of community services, their social networks in the community, sense of belonging and challenges and supports as they settle into life in Peterborough.

Survey participants were also asked to submit ideas and suggestions for how to create a welcoming community for immigrants and refugees in Peterborough. Their comments were grouped under the following themes:

  • Focus needed on workplace integration, including working with employers to improve hiring process and retention strategies and demonstrating the economic and social impact of hiring immigrants and refugees
  • Mental health support for newcomers and a focus on growing social connections
  • Support for community services for all categories of immigrants and refugees, including settlement services, language training, childcare and affordable housing
  • Need for local infrastructure to support population growth related to immigration; improved coordination between levels of government

Many thanks to all who participated! We look forward to incorporating your feedback into the design of the next Community Immigrant Integration Plan. We will launch the needs assessment for our Northumberland stakeholders in Jan 2022. 

Established in 2008, the Peterborough Immigration Partnership (PIP) is a community-based partnership of individuals & organisations (including the NCC) which envisions a community where the meaningful economic, social and cultural integration of newcomers ensures a prosperous and inclusive community for all.

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