Aviation & Cultural Integration: Trip to Air Force Museum supports Community Connections for Newcomers in Northumberland

On September 27, new Canadians from Northumberland County came together for a trip to the National Air Force Museum of Canada at the Canadian Air Force Base in Trenton, Ontario.

The trip organised by the New Canadians Centre – Northumberland Office saw 24 people, including 10 children participate. Seven countries were represented amongst our clients: Syria, UAE, Tunisia, Egypt, Poland, Iraq, and Colombia. This provided an opportunity for newcomers to meet each other and build new connections.

We were welcomed by kind staff of the museum who taught us about different airplanes used in Canada’s aviation history dating back over 100 years ago.

Participants were able to tour a Hercules plane, which is used to carry and transport heavy materials, supplies, and food in response to emergencies such as those experienced during Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

This is one of our many trips and opportunities through the Community Connections Program that help with cultural integration, while creating friendships among the newcomers and the community.

The Community Connections Program at the New Canadians Centre supports the integration of immigrants and refugees in Peterborough and Northumberland by introducing them to local volunteers and opportunities that increase their social connections and networks, helping them gain awareness of Canadian heritage, culture, and life. Learn more about the Community Connections Program >>