Inspiring Newcomers to Discover Canada through Photography

In 2016, the New Canadians Centre partnered with Robert Boudreau of the SPARK Photo Festival to launch the Newcomer Photography Project. The goal was to inspire newcomers to explore and connect with Canadian culture, language, the environment, and the people of our community through photographic instruction, practice and critique, storytelling, exhibit materials preparation, installation, and public presentation at a SPARK exhibit.

Three iterations of the project have been facilitated, each for a different age group creating a truly multi-generational representation of the newcomer eye.

Have a look at the photographs from each iteration of the project in the virtual exhibits below.

Newcomer Children's Photography Project

Newcomer Youth Photography Project

Newcomer Adult Photography Project

Read more about these projects in the feature article: Multi-generational project inspires newcomers to discover Peterborough and Canada through photography

These projects have been made possible through the generous support of several individuals, donors, and organisations including:

  • City of Peterborough
  • Government of Ontario
  • Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough
  • Robert Boudreau, SPARK
  • Linda Cardona, SPARK
  • Randall Romano, SPARK
  • Crystal Hebert, SPARK
  • Erin Burke, SPARK
  • Victoria Hamilton, City of Peterborough
  • Josh Resar, Peterborough Photo Service
  • The late Becky Rogers
  • Kim Cranfield, Publican House
  • Katie Watt, Publican House
  • Mike Bolan, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Simon Bell, Focus on Nature Guelph
  • Dan Boudreau, Reau-Bot Productions