Together Again Soon

“Beta, when are you coming home?”

Mithila Ballal last saw her mother in India three years ago and the longing in her mother’s voice is evident. As a therapist and classical dance teacher in Peterborough, Mithila sees daily how heavily the pandemic weighs on her clients. Whether it is worrying about reduced income, fear of infection, loss of loved ones or adapting to working or learning from home, anxieties are heightened. 

COVID has provided us all with a glimpse of what it feels like when we can’t see and hug our nearest and dearest – when we can only connect with people we love via the internet or telephone. For our clients, not only are they far from many of their family and friends, but they are also navigating much that is unfamiliar – creating a new home, trying to find work, sorting out schooling for their children, and dealing with the isolation that the pandemic has created.

Newcomers need your support to stay informed and connected, to feel like they belong in this community and that someone cares.

In the last two months, our team has worked with an unparalleled number of individuals and families in crisis. 

A donation today will demonstrate your commitment to supporting new Canadians who are settling in our community.

We are relying on you more than ever. Despite the challenges associated with social and physical distancing, our team is focused on making sure clients continue to be served in the best way possible. 

We are working with many people one-on-one to help them through emergencies. We’re facilitating groups online to provide meaningful connections. We’re constantly checking in with youth and adults by phone and email to combat social isolation. 

Your support changes lives. 

When we are together and even when we are apart.

A gift from you today means that: 

  • adult learners can attain computer skills and navigate technology to find essential information and connect virtually;
  • migrant farm workers will be supported through their quarantine knowing  we value their contributions;
  • families who are isolated will work with our team so that parents and children can develop their literacy together;
  • youth and adults can learn English with their peers and develop skills they need to be successful.

“The New Canadians Centre has always been a huge support for me, encouraging me in anything that I do, from my art and dance to my career as a therapist.” 

Mithila found light amidst the darkness by leaning into her dance practice and engaging her students at virtual events and workshops organised by the New Canadians Centre.  

 “I am hopeful that we will all dance together again soon”.

Photo: Mithila Balall (centre) with two of her dance students Shweta (l) and Prutha (r)

As we approach the light and life that the spring brings, please consider making a gift in 2021 to the New Canadians Centre to support programs that help immigrants and refugees belong.   

Thank you for being a partner in our mission!

Marisa Kaczmarczyk

Director of Client Services

The New Canadians Centre Peterborough strives to empower immigrants and refugees to become full and equal members of Canadian society, and to provide community leadership to ensure cultural integration in a welcoming community. 

Formed in 1979, the New Canadians Centre has been inspiring and encouraging newcomers for 40 years. Learn about the #WeBelong campaign celebrating this milestone.