National Volunteer Week

Last week, we celebrated National Volunteer Week.

We are grateful and acknowledge the importance of volunteering to strengthen and vibrancy of our communities. Volunteer contributions are valued and meaningful. It creates a greater sense of purpose and dedication. It changes people’s lives!

From helping a new family to settle with housing, education, and healthcare to guided grocery store and bus tours, each action impacts our community’s overall wellness, now and for future generations.

We had over two hundred volunteers in the past year helping in the most diverse activities.

  • Tutoring English and other languages
  • Assisting with community connections
  • Assisting at NCC Social Activities
  • Teaching Canadian history, demographics and geography
  • Helping families find and/or join social activities
  • Tutoring kids and youth
  • Reading & playing games with the children
  • Assisting with practical needs, such as groceries, food bank, filling out government forms and advocacy
  • Board Director
  • Helping new Canadians learn new skills
  • Helping with medical appointments, problem-solving and employment help
  • Assisting children with sporting activities, camps and more
  • Helping with transportation and rides
  • Helping with moving and transportation of furniture
  • Going for walks
  • Fixing and delivering bikes to clients
  • Encouraging and emotionally supporting and more!

And when we ask what they like the most about being a volunteer, the answers are heartwarming!

Thank you! We could not operate nor reach our goals without your generous help!

Do you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the New Canadians Centre?