What Is Your Superpower?

Dear Friend,

Can I tell you a story?

I think that our lives are like books, and they have many chapters. In each chapter, there are unique problems that must be overcome.

I believe that I have a lot of chapters in my life book. The first chapter begins in my home country, Iraq. It was a sad chapter because there was war.

Because of that, my family and I moved to Jordan, and then to Canada.

I moved to a new location, attended a new school, met new people, and started learning a new language. I was very happy to be in Canada and assumed that everything would go smoothly.

However, I did not anticipate encountering as many difficulties as I did. I had the feeling that what I built in the past was demolished in an instant without warning.

In those days, I stayed by myself.

I began to believe that my life was not really my own story. I am not the main character of this life; instead, I am merely an extra character to complete the plot.

The story changed after I heard about the New Canadians Centre at school and joined the Young Leaders (NCCYL) group. I started thinking that I am an extra character who is “extraordinary”.

I experience new things because I volunteer with the group. I have many friends who are newcomer youths from different high schools. Lubna is the NCC staff who helps me to bring my ideas to life!

Together, we produce a podcast called the NCCYL Show which airs on Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM every third Friday at 5PM. We are trying to host events and make useful resources for newcomers.

I made this drawing of my friends in the Young Leaders group. I think that they are like superheroes. Everyone has a superpower, and being together in this group brings out the best in us.

At the end of last year, I started to work at the New Canadians Centre after school. We put love and kindness into what we are doing. I want to make everyone who comes here feel at home.

I love this chapter of my story. Nothing is impossible; even the word itself says, “I’m possible” – I am starting to think it is true.

And I have good news!

After working with Patrick at NCC to submit my applications, I am now accepted to many schools, including Trent University. I can’t wait to start this September and officially become an adult!

I am so grateful to all the NCC staff members and donors for accompanying me to learn and grow in my new home – Canada. Because of you, I can look forward to the next part of my life with hope and know I am not alone.

Please continue to believe in the work of the New Canadians Centre and the magic of its programs.

Lots of love,

P.S. Moving to a different country is not easy. Sending your gift today will give children, youth and adults who are new to Canada like me a better chance at success.

P.P.S. If you have already contributed, thank you for your generosity! Your superpower brings out the best in all of us.