NCC launches #GiveitUp Challenge to raise money for newcomer families


photo credit: Clifford Skarstedt, Peterborough Examiner

By giving something up and donating what that cost might approximate to on a monthly basis, we are hoping to raise $3,000 by August 1.

“Our team is giving up everything from chocolate and alcohol to dining out at restaurants and donating what that money would amount to,” says Hos (Executive Director).

We encourage you to join us in giving up something to support families who have had to give up everything.

Taking up the challenge will help to raise money for the Peterborough Welcome Fund while showing newcomers this is a supportive community. “The fact that we have the opportunity to give up something we take for granted, says a great deal about how fortunate most of us are,” says Tamara Hoogerdyk, Refugee Resettlement Coordinator. “Many of the newcomer families have had to flee their homes with nothing. They’re having to start all over. Time and again, Peterborough has stepped up to the plate to show what a giving and supportive community it is. We hope other organizations will join us in giving up something and donate to the Peterborough Welcome Fund.”

Participants should go to Canada Helps #GiveitUp Challenge to make a donation.

excerpts credit: Lance Anderson, Peterborough This Week