PIP News – June 2019

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The Peterborough Immigration Partnership has supported the Central Planning Table of the Local Employment Planning Council facilitated by the Workforce Development Board since 2015. The Central Planning Table is an advisory team that is focused on delivering the best projects possible.

This pilot will be continued for a 4th phase (2019-2020). The WDB is pioneering new and innovative approaches to local employment planning within five strategic themes:

  • Labour Market Information and Intelligence
  • Integrated Planning
  • Service Coordination for Employers
  • Research and Innovation
  • Shared Best Practices

Here is the list of projects that they will be working on in the coming year.

Since the pilot began, the WDB team has completed 18 projects across all five themes. All projects are available in English and French on their website. This is in addition to the Community Labour Market Plan, which includes the updated 2016 Census Data.

The WDB also provides a complimentary service – the Labour Market Information Help Desk. They have processed 250 requests for 65 different organizations since launching the Help Desk. Questions range from “what skills are in demand in Peterborough” to “what is the average wage of an administrative employee in my sector”, and in between. Learn more here.

We look forward to a continued partnership with the Workforce Development Board to support the economic integration of newcomers in the area.