The Ripple Effect: how an 8-year-old helped transform the lives of newcomers in #PTBO

8-year-old Sarah MacDonald knew Syrian families were in need.
And that Peterborough was opening its doors to help.
She wanted to do something too.

Instead of receiving presents for her birthday, she collected money and donated it to the New Canadians Centre.

Like your support to the New Canadians Centre, Sarah’s donation created a ripple effect.

It inspired her mother Katherine, to hire Magali Sperling Beck, a newcomer from Brazil.


Magali was a familiar face at the New Canadians Centre. A regular attendee of the Women’s Group and a volunteer, she was eager to make community connections that would lead to employment opportunities.

Because of you, Magali has that chance!

You can help to ensure hundreds of newcomers receive the support they need to develop skills, improve language and like Magali, join the workforce!

Newcomers who possess the drive and determination to leave behind everything they have known and loved to start all over, are counting on you!

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the New Canadians Centre this spring season. Secure online donations can be made below, or by cheque to “New Canadians Centre Peterborough”


Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,

Hajni Hös
Executive Director
New Canadians Centre Peterborough


The New Canadians Centre Peterborough strives to empower immigrants and refugees to become full and equal members of Canadian society, and to provide community leadership to ensure cultural integration in a welcoming community. 

Formed in 1979, the New Canadians Centre has been bringing people together for 40 years.