Friend of the New Canadians Centre,

I want to thank you for your kindness, compassion and the generosity you have demonstrated in supporting and welcoming newcomers to our community.

As many of you know, our Executive Director Hajni Hos is leaving the New Canadians Centre.

While we are sad to see Hajni go, we are grateful for the many gifts she has shared with us; her skill as a negotiator, wonderful sense of fun and adventure, humility, and remarkable ability to lead with both her head and her heart.

As we prepare to say goodbye to Hajni, we are reminded of the thousands of newcomers from more than 100 countries from around the world whose lives have been transformed with YOUR help. Because of YOU, programs and services like language development, skills building and employment are delivered at a level that goes beyond meeting newcomers’ basic needs.

Hajni Hos photographed with the team at the New Canadians Centre for the INSPIRE Photo Project
Photo Credit: Heather Doughty, Inspire: The Women’s Portrait Project

Friends, won’t you join me and the NCC Family in making a gift to the New Canadians Centre’s #WeBelong Initiative in Hajni’s honour? With your help, the #WeBelong Initiative will support programs and activities that inspire and encourage a sense of belonging for newcomers.

Please join us in continuing Hajni’s legacy of going above and beyond to provide more than the basic level of service for newcomers like Sanjay. Help us to ensure newcomers have the tools and the community connections that promote a sense of belonging, in order to achieve success.

With much gratitude,

Steve Kirton,

Board Chair


To make a donation to support programs and activities that inspire and encourage a sense of belonging for newcomers please write #WeBelong in the memo line of your cheque and choose it in the drop-down for Canada Helps.