You Create the Opportunity to Respond

Dear Friend,

On this cold winter day, can you use some good news?

I received this letter from a partner organisation about one of our clients:

This made my day!

I was so happy to celebrate the milestones that our client has achieved through the New Canadians Centre’s Life Skills Program.

Through this program, participants work with a dedicated NCC staff person to gain concrete skills that help overcome day-to-day challenges. They learn how to create a budget, how to bank online, healthy parenting tips, what their rights and responsibilities are as tenants, how to look for work and how to stay employed.

Every settlement journey is unique, and some of our clients face more challenges than others – with gaps in their literacy, numeracy and digital skills. In addition to figuring out life in a new country, they have a lot to overcome! That’s where our Life Skills Program comes in, with training tailored to their unique circumstances and that meets them where they’re at.

Your gift to the Welcome Fund

  • Creates and promotes safe and inclusive workplaces through the Workplace Inclusion Charter
  • Helps NCC’s work towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and introduces newcomers to ways in which they can be active allies
  • Supports multicultural organisations and builds their capacity to support newcomers and share their celebrations with our community
  • Fuels the Client Emergency Fund which provides direct support to clients in crisis – dental emergencies, evictions & moving expenses, and more.

These are just some of the programs that rely on donor support as the sole source of funding.

You know well that the world around us is changing quickly. We see the impact on our clients first-hand.

Your support changes lives.

Please consider making a gift to the New Canadians Centre today.

Andy Cragg
Executive Director

If you have any questions or would like to be more involved, please contact Phuc (Paris) Nguyen [email protected] or (705) 743-0882