“Be kind”

In a rapidly changing world, there are those who remain steadfast in their commitment to community support. 

Meet Lou Marles, an Information Technology (IT) contractor who has played an important role in the New Canadians Centre (NCC) for the past 13 years. From when our office was on Sherbrooke Street until now, when we are located in St. James United Church, he has been instrumental in our operation. Lou helped us weather through difficult times in the early days and the unforeseen course of the pandemic when we needed to work remotely. He is regarded by our team as an “all-around nice guy”.

Born near Newmarket, Ontario, on a farm, Lou had limited exposure to diverse cultures growing up. Lou started working with the NCC with no expectations whatsoever.

He has built many meaningful friendships with staff members who came from different countries around the world.

“The “problem” here is that everyone is so nice!”

Lou has witnessed the growth of the NCC over the years. He believes in the NCC’s core values and recognises the innate goodness in the staff who are eager to help newcomers. He deeply admires newcomers’ courage and strength as they start anew in a foreign land. 

“It astounds me when I hear about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.”

Lou enthusiastically acknowledges the positive changes in our community and how multicultural it has become. He firmly believes that immigration is vital for the prosperity of our economy and society. That is why, in addition to his professional role, he also volunteers at events and donates to the NCC whenever he can. 

Lou is an avid cyclist. During his free time, he loves going on bike rides and tours with his cycling friends. His Road ID band reads, “Do something positive.”

No adventure is without a story to tell – the NCC team was shocked and sad to hear when he was injured in a bicycle crash and had to be airlifted to the hospital. When he returned, everyone welcomed him back as a member of the NCC family.

Lou’s advice to all is straightforward and powerful: “Be kind.” He feels incredibly fortunate to be part of the NCC that lives by these principles.

“I would definitely recommend the NCC for my family and friends if they want to make charitable donations, as it truly enriches our community.”

His dedication and belief in the power of compassion continue to make this world a better place, one selfless act at a time.

We thank Lou Marles for his generosity and support over the years and will miss him at the NCC.

Thank you Lou!