Donation from TD Bank helps support newcomers’ integration and foster diversity and inclusion in Peterborough and Northumberland

Recently moved to Ontario from another province, Sebastien Tinor-Roy (TD’s District Leader – Lakeway District Greater Ontario Region) empathizes with the challenges newcomers face when adapting to a new environment. He and his team appreciate the work of the New Canadians Centre and our community partners to ease and promote the adjustment of immigrants and refugees to Canadian Culture. Sebastien is contributing his expertise to the New Canadians Centre’s Workplace Integration Advisory Group. The group discusses how local businesses can adapt to attract, hire and retain newcomers, what owners need to think about in order to become an inclusive organization that can support the integration of new Canadians into the community. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to harness the skills and assets that immigrants bring to innovate and increase productivity.

TD Canada Trust has been continuing to partner with organizations like us to create lasting changes in youth, adults and children who are new to Canada. Earlier this year, the New Canadians Centre was fortunate to be chosen for a donation of $1,000 from local TD bank branches, represented by Sherri Munro, branch manager, in celebration of Mother’s Day to assist families in Peterborough and Northumberland. Last month, we were happy to receive a $7,500 donation to support our mission of empowering immigrants and refugees to become full and equal members of Canadian society. Aileen Hadfield (Branch Manager at TD Canada Trust) and Sebastien were pleased to learn about programs and services the NCC offers to clients of all ages, including the recent launch of the children’s book Building A Home and the NCC-Spark Photography project.

From left to right: Aileen Hadfield (Branch Manager at TD Canada Trust), Sebastien Tinor-Roy (District Leader – Lakeway District, Greater Ontario Region), Andy Cragg (Executive Director at New Canadians Centre) and Javier Bravo (Workplace Integration Coordinator at New Canadians Centre)

The New Canadians Centre Peterborough absolutely came quickly to Sebastien’s mind when being asked to identify a local organization that, just like TD Canada Trust, believes in creating more opportunities for people to get involved with local initiatives and to connect communities for a more inclusive environment. Diversity and inclusion are part of TD Canada Trust’s fundamental values that help them support customers, colleagues and communities. From hiring practices to accessible building designs, they’re working towards maintaining a welcoming, barrier-free culture for everyone.

Thank you, TD Canada Trust, for helping newcomers in their journeys towards successful integration in our community!