From No English to Business Owner – Mohammad Wahbi’s Story

Perseverance and community come together to create the perfect recipe for success for Mohammad Wahbi and his family. 

Mohammad has worked in upholstering since 1995 and ran his own business in his native Syria and then in Lebanon. In 2016, Mohammad and his family were sponsored to come to Canada with the support of several community members who formed a private sponsorship group. 

He remembers arriving after the long and difficult journey to a blanket of snow on the ground and not being able to speak in English. The family were quickly connected to the New Canadians Centre, where they benefitted from several programs that supported their initial settlement, school registration and orientations for the children, and English language learning. Today, the family calls Cobourg their home. 

Mohammad Wabhi, his wife and three children were sponsored to come to Canada. The couple had a fourth child, a son born in Canada.

With his many years of experience in upholstering, Mohammad found employment at the Cobourg Canvas and Upholstering, where he proved to be an asset. When the original owner of the business was ready to retire, Mohammad seized the opportunity to become a business owner again. He bought the business and takes pride in satisfying his customers every day. 

Mohammad’s success is the combination of his commitment and hard work and the power that welcome, inclusion, and opportunity hold.  Productive new Canadians, the family is now on the path of becoming Canadian Citizens and have benefitted from the support of the NCC’s Settlement Counsellors with the application process, paperwork, and preparation. We wish Mohammad and his family the best and cheer them on.

With over 25 years of experience as an upholsterer, Mohammad Wahbi found employment at Cobourg Canvas and Upholstering. Today. he is the proud owner of the company.