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The Family Morning

One of the highlights of the Multicultural Canada Day Festival in Del Crary Park each July 1 is a range of multicultural performances on the main stage.

For this year's Virtual Canada Day Celebrations, we're bringing you performances online on Facebook, YouTube, and right here on this page.

During THE FAMILY MORNING, come together as a family or household and start your day with activities and entertainment.

July 1 @ 9:30am

Join The Fam Jam for some family friendly original tunes as well as some well known favourites.

Grab an instrument and play along from home.

Run-time: 22 minutes 10 seconds

July 1 @ 10:00am

Sing-a-long with Glen Caradus and learn about Canadian nature and history in this musical puppet and string show for the entire family!

Run-time: 19 minutes 24 seconds

July 1 @ 10:30am

Join local musican Curtis Driedger for a lookback at the songbook of Canadian songs! Learn about the origins of some of Canada's classics and sing-a-long!

Run-time: 14 minutes 52 seconds

July 1 @ 11:00am

Abeer Alsalihi is making the main dish!
Jess Devlin has got the dessert covered!

They're meeting on Zoom to learn about each other's cultural food! Follow along and learn to make a Syrian dish of eggplants layered in goodness, and a classic Canadian sweet-treat -- Can You Guess What It Is?

Run-time: 9 minutes 36 seconds

July 1 @ 11:15am

Food Brings People Together! And Ethiopians know this all too well! Join Zebiba Sultan for a tutorial on making the famous Ethiopian fermented flatbread, Injera then share a tray with family and guests!

How does a cup (or 3) of coffee sound after a meal?
For Ethiopians, serving coffee is an intricate ceremony!

Run-time: 4 minutes 36 seconds

July 1 @ 11:30am

Yamen is a newcomer who arrived in Canada in February 2020!
#Ptbo was his first Canadian home where he fell in love with the nature and people! Yamen wants to share his passion and love for music with you! And what a better day than July 1 -- Canada Day and his birthday!

Run-time: 3 minutes 21 seconds