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The Multicultural Showcase

One of the highlights of the Multicultural Canada Day Festival in Del Crary Park each July 1 is a range of multicultural performances on the main stage.

For this year's Virtual Canada Day Celebrations, we're bringing you performances online on Facebook, YouTube, and right here on this page.

During THE MULTICULTURAL SHOWCASE, get a taste of the world with cultural performances by local artists and newcomers.

July 1 @ 1:00pm

Janet McCue is a longtime leader and advocate who dedicates her time to raising awareness for social justice, empowering the Indigenous community, providing education to local schools and musseums, and supporting those marginalised by poverty. Janet and the Wshkiigomang Woman's Native Hand Drum Singers have been opening up the NCC's Multicultural Canada Day Festival for several years now.

Run-time: 3 minutes

July 1 @ 1:15pm

This talented group of students and instructor from the Ukti Centre for Movement & Arts perform a medley of Classical Bharatanatyam and Contemportary Dances from South Asian. The routines comprising intricate movements, formations, postures, and expressions were taught and practised entrirely through Zoom!

Run-time: 16 minutes 41 seconds

July 1 @ 1:45pm

Join 13-year old fiddle player Irish Millie for a medley of tunes.
The first-generation fiddle player began playing the fiffle at age 6.
She belives everyone has a gift and it's important to share that gift and help others. Today, she's sharing her gift of music with you!

Run-time: 20 minutes 3 seconds

July 1 @ 2:15pm

The Northumberland Multicultural Dance Troupe headed by Thelma Dillon brings together community members with roots acorss the world to share dance and expression. Today, we're introduced to Flamenco in Spain, a colourful Columbian dance, and the Manabo Ritual & Maranao Fan Dances of the Philippines.

Run-time: 14 minutes 2 seconds

July 1 @ 2:45pm

Blue Wave Taekwondo is a not-for-profit school and club providing taekwondo instruction in Peterborough. Over the past year and a half, several newcomers have had the opportunituy to experience taekwondo at the club and through workshops at the NCC's Youth Group! A look back at some of those highlights - we love seeing the joy on the faces of newcomer youth!

Run-time: 4 minutes

July 1 @ 3:00pm

Join local radio personalities The Rock and Roll Princesses from Trent Radio for a presentation on Scottish Highland Dancing, including a demonstration of their favourite dances. Students of Ard-Mhor School of Highland Dancing, Charlie & Meara have spent the past five and three years joyfully learning the art, history, and technical skills of the sport from instructor Lynn Mooney.

Run-time: 8 minutes 59 seconds

July 1 @ 3:00pm

Layering eight instruments from Canada and the world over, Curtis Driedger builds a mosaic of society through music, culminating in a mix to acompany the classic tune "Maple Sugar". Music -- it's pretty neat!

Run-time: 22 minutes 12 seconds

July 1 @ 3:45pm

End the day and VIrtual Canada Day Celebrations with a fun Zumba session lead by Shaoling! It's a favourite feature of the festival in Del Crary Park each July 1. This year, we're bringing it to your home screens!

Run-time: 19 minutes 12 seconds