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Each year on July 1 the Multicultural Canada Day Festival brings our community together for a celebration of our country’s birthday and the multiculturalism that is core to our national identity. This year, we will not be gathering in Del Crary Park to celebrate in-person due to COVID-19 but will be presenting a range of alternative programming to celebrate Multicultural Canada Day with our community.

Newcomers and their families have grown to be part of the rich cultural fabric that binds our community together. “Peterborough Is My Home” — our chosen home that we love, cherish, and support. This year’s Multicultural Canada Day programming embraces this sentiment and has been adapted to reflect physical distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NCC Ptbo Is My Home

Schedule of Performances on July 1

One of the highlights of our Multicultural Canada Day Festival in Del Crary Park each July 1 is a range of multicultural performances on the main stage. This year, we're bringing you those performances online via Facebook, YouTube, and on this page.

Cheer for PTBO!

Let's celebrate the Peterborough community this July 1 from our porches, backyards, or the sidewalk!

Step outside at 11:30am on July 1 and let's collectively give a hearty cheer for this vibrant community that has stuck together and supported each other.

Bring your voice, pots, pans, spoons, and let's make some noise!

Post your photos & videos on social media and tag the New Canadians Centre! Remember to hashtag #PtboIsMyHome.

Spot the Maple Mobile

There will be six specially-decorated Maple Mobiles driving around Peterborough between 11:00am and 12:00pm on July 1.

Park yourself out on your lawn to see if you can catch them go by!

Take a photo and share it with the New Canadians Centre on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #PtboIsMyHome to be entered in the draw to win a gift certificate to one of four amazing local restaurants, Fusion Bowl, Village of Thai, Curry Village or Rare!

Maple Mobiles will use the bus routes as starting points when driving within their zones. (Old bus routes, pre-June 28 changes)


- South of McDonnel St.
- North of Romaine St.
- West of Monaghan St.
- East of Water St.

See the map

East City

- South of Parkhill Rd. E
- North of Maria St.
- West of Burnham St.
- East of Ashburnham Dr. 

See the map

West End

- South of Parkhill Rd. W
- North of Sherbrooke St.
- West of Ravenwood Dr.
- East of Medical Dr.

See the map

North End

- South of Cumberland Av.
- North of Parkhill Rd.
- West of Chemong St.
- East of Water St.

See the map

South End

- South of Lansdowne St.
- North of Sir Sanford Fleming Dr.
- West of Brealey Dr.
- East of Clonsilla Ave.

See the map

South of Lansdowne

- South of Lansdowne St. 
- North of Cameron St. in the West & Collison Ave in the East
- West of the Parkway
- East of Otonabee Dr.

See the map

Take the Canadian Citizenship Challenge

Did you know that when a new Canadian applies for Canadian Citizenship, they must take a test that shows what they know about Canada?

Test how much you know about Canada in this Citizenship Challenge with 20 questions taken directly from the test!

Get more than 15 correct answers, and you'll be entered into a draw to win one of four $20 gift certificates to A Taste of Russia and Nish Tees.

Stories of Hope, Home, Community & Belonging

Meet local immigrant entrepreneurs who are at different points in their settlement experience and careers. These are their stories of hope, home, community, and belonging in Peterborough. Produced in partnership with KawarthaNow.com.

Goodies on George owner Shahab Stanikzai left Afghanistan to make a better life for his family in Canada

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La Hacienda owner Sandra Arciniega proudly shares her love of Mexico with the Peterborough community

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Aleks Goloborodko left troubled Ukraine with his family to start a new life as an artist in Canada

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Mexican natives Rosie Salcido and Vange Rodriguez turned their love of makeup into a successful business

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Community Art Project

We've partnered with local artist Laurel Paluck of Atelier Ludmila Gallery to create this "Make A Home" Fold-Up Storybook Project.

200 art kits with all materials in them were made and distributed to local community organisations.

You can make your own fold-up home storybook with materials found at home: paper, glue, scissors and markers/crayons.

Take a photo of your “Home” storybook and share with us on social media #PtboIsMyHome or email [email protected].

Can you tell a story with your rooms?

What if your friend comes to visit?

What will they find in your rooms?