Volunteer Spotlight: Paul Aoki

Man with blue polo shirt, glasses and ball cap

Meet Paul Aoki!

Volunteer Role/Position(s): Group Facilitator
Volunteering Since: 2019
Languages: “I speak English and Spanish and I volunteer as a teacher in both languages.”

Why do you love volunteering at our Centre?
“I assist in a beginners English class and I lead four levels of beginners Spanish.
What I enjoy is spreading knowledge and watching others benefit from it.” 

What is one thing you have learned by volunteering with newcomers?
“What I have learned from volunteering is that people appreciate learning and are genuinely grateful. I enjoy meeting people and forming relationships and I have made many friends through the NCC.”

What do you like to do when you are not volunteering?
“When I’m not volunteering, I like to travel. I love exploring Spanish speaking countries, talking to the people and learning about their food and their culture. 

On a personal note, I am a son of immigrants. Although my hard working parents were successful, I now wonder how my family might have benefitted had there been a NCC decades ago especially after witnessing all the good work that they do.”